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The Three Minds


Conscious Mind

 Our  Conscious Mind, Known by the Ancient Hawaiians as Uhane, or Spirit, or  Soul is that part of us that commands and/or controls our response and  reactions to external events. This is the part of us that wants to be  "Right" 


Unconscious Mind

 The  Unconscious Mind or Unihipili according to the ancient Hawaiians . It  manufactures energy-the Vital Life Force also referred to as Chi or  Prana, or in the case of Ho'oponopono  Mana.  


Super-Conscious Mind

 The  Super-Conscious Mind is called by Ancient Hawaiian Kahunas "Aumakua"  which means "the utterly trustworthy parental spirit" The  Super-Conscious Mind  also has access to universal knowledge, sometimes  known as Akashic records, where everything since the beginning of time  is stored. 


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