AKA Cords



Cutting AKA Cords 

You  have no doubt heard that we are all connected. The ancient hawaiian  refer to this conectuin as AKA , or AKA cords, as very thin cords of  energy that connnct us to one another. Anytime you come in contact with  anything or anyone, you connect with them. Your cord attaches to them  and their cord attaches to you creating and maintaining a flow of  energy. Even though the amount is minuscule, if you think about all the  people you have come in contact with over the years, you will begin to  realize there is a large energy exchange going on collectively .  Unbeknownst to our conscious mind we expending a lot of energy in a lot  of different directions.

AKA Meditation 

This  is a very powerful meditation process, a full Ho'oponopono meditation  process will guide you in cutting the cords to every and everything you  are connected to. You have the choice of who and what to stay connected.