In  the Hawaiian thought, being pono means being in  perfect alignment and  balance with all things in life.  It means one has  the perfect  relationship with the creative energy of the universe,  however you  might describe that energy: God, Goddess, prana, mana, chi -  whatever  that appellation is for you.  Your every thought word and deed  are in  complete harmony with that divine energy. Pono means you are in   complete harmony and alignment with your custodial relationship with  the  earth.  That you operate on the earthly plane as one who is the   caretaker of the land during your lifetime.  That your stewardship of   the land leaves it as good or better than you found it so that   succeeding generations can enjoy the resources that were gifted to you   in your lifetime and during your stewardship. 


 Pono  means that you have a proper respectful  relationship with your  parents, with your spouse or significant other,  with your children,  with your extended family members and with your  co-workers.  Pono means  that your relationships with others are just and  fair and unhinged by  anger,  jealousy,  resentment or any negative  energy.  You are in  harmony and in integrity.  Discord is resolved with  ho'oponopono - the  setting right of bad feelings.  Ho'oponopono must be  entered into with a  sincere desire by all parties to resolve differences  - not an  opportunity for "right fighting".  A mutually respected  arbitrator  manages the process of making right so that all parties feel  the matter  is resolved and no longer exerts any negative energy on the  parties  involved.  When the process is complete, the parties are pono  with one  another again.  Harmony is restored.    


  In  truth, every action in life is either pono ... or not. And  humankind's assignment is to be pono in all things.  An ali'i, or   chief,  who was not pono would not be tolerated for very long. The ali'i's job was to provide the best possible life for his people. If he   consistently failed in his duty to do so, the people would find a way  to  dispense with him.  Individuals who choose to be other than pono  would  find themselves outcast from the society as a whole. Pono is a  concept worth adopting in our own life.  If each of us  really aspired  to be pono, if we accepted our implicit agreement to be a  pono  spiritual being, a pono guardian of the earths resources, a pono   daughter or son, a pono spouse, friend, co-worker, employer, government   servant - what a different world we could live in.  I think it's a   concept worth working for.