Practicing Ho'oponopono


When is the best time to practice Ho'oponopono ?

 Anytime  ! All the time ! Use it before you enter a meeting and when leaving.  You will likely find you use it the most when you are by yourself, alone  with your thoughts. Anytime less than peaceful thought comes up , say  Ho'oponopono a few times and the thought is gone. The thought might come  back, depending on the situation that created that memory and if it  does, just continue Ho'oponopono until it no longer returns. 


More Examples

 Have  you ever been in bed just about to fall asleep and a thought comes in  reminding you of a negative experience and the next thing you know you  cant get to sleep because you keep going around and around replaying the  scenario. This is a great time to practice Ho'oponopono , just start  repeating it until you stop thinking about it and fall you will likely  fall asleep asleep. Or you are driving home from work, day dreaming as  usual and suddenly out of nowhere you remember the time when you got angry  at your Dad when you were 12 years old . What? Where did that come  from? It came from your unconscious mind, the place where all  your memories and thoughts come from. It is highly likely this isnt the  first time this same thought has come up, even though it was long ago.  That is a good indicator that whatever the event was that caused this  thought has a big impact on you, and continues to do so 


In any case .....

When  these types of thoughts pop up, just do Ho'oponopono around them and it  wont be long before you realize those kinds of thoughts are no longer  coming into your consciousness. You will not even remember what you were  doing Ho'oponopono about . It cleans you unconscious mind of all the  negative energy you have been accumulating over the years. Where do  these thought come from? They come from ourselves, from our our  unconscious mind and our past experiences.